Yes, we are AVAILABLE on your event date ! !

Thank you for your inquiry.  We would be happy to help you with your event!
We have a 1 hour minimum for all services.  
Yes, we can do 30 min increments after the first 1 hour (same rate per hour, pro rata).   
We charge per hour, per artist. 
All artists are trained in technique, professionalism, hygiene, and client interaction.  No bozos!
We use only the highest quality professional cosmetic face paints and supplies.
We quickly get booked up, so we would advise booking as soon as possible.


1. Basic Face Painting.  Your artist will bring a book of 15 popular designs for girls and boys. Guests choose from the book.  Each artist can serve up to 15 guests in 1 hour. ($125/hr per artist)

2. Deluxe Face Painting.  You are guaranteed one of our top artists with this package.  Your artist will bring a much larger selection of designs, and paint almost anything you wish, and work with your theme.   Each artist can serve up to 15 guests in 1 hour. ($150/hr per artist) 

3. Basic Balloon Artist.  Repertoire of 15 simple balloon designs.  Artists serve about 15-25 guests per hour, depending on complexity of requests.   ($125/hr per artist)

4. Deluxe Balloon Artist.   You are guaranteed one of our top balloon artists with this package.  Your artist will bring a much larger selection of designs, and make almost anything you wish, and work with your theme.    View our balloon picture gallery!  Artists serve about 15-25 guests per hour.   ($150/hr per artist)

5. COMBO PACKAGE.  For a small kids party, if you want face painting and balloons, just book 1 hour face painting and 1 hour balloons, or if you want more time, that is fine too.  Just note it on the form.   This is our most popular package. The price is $250 for basic and $300 for deluxe (1 hour of face painting, 1 hour balloon twisting).

6. Glitter Tattoos.  Your guests will have the option of face painting, or a glitter tattoo (or glitter tattoos only if you prefer).  These are sparkly, and last several days.  Great for the bling-inspired, children, teens, adults, or pool parties.  We have a large assortment of exciting tattoos!  Each artist can serve up to 15 guests in 1 hour. ($150/hr per artist)

7. Airbrush.  This is high speed face painting at its best!  Great for birthday parties, pool parties, and also fantastic for larger events where you need to speed people through!  We can do airbrush face painting (faces), or airbrush temporary tattoos (arms, shoulders). We can serve up to 50-60 guests per hour, per artist.  You choose how many artists you need.    $150/hr per artist.

8. Henna.  $150/hour per artist.

9. Costumes.  Have your artist come in costume!  See our costume gallery!  ($100 drycleaning fee per costume)

10. Body Painting.  We do Body Painting, Gestational Painting, Pregnancy Painting, Belly Painting.  $150/hour per artist. We do corporate advertising campaigns as well as individuals. Please e-mail us to discuss specifics about what you need.

11.  Halloween or Special Event - Individual Appointments.  We have individual appointments available.  We paint whatever you need for your special individual look.  Perfect for that special event, Halloween, bachelorette party, hen night, or day of the dead.  $150/hour per artist.  1 hour minimum.  Takes about 25-30 min per person for full face.  Partial face takes about 15 min per person.   Just fill in the booking form below to get a spot.  


1. Fill in your service agreement.
The PDF print version: download and email back to us. SERVICE AGREEMENT

2. Make your payment.  
Typically, clients pay in full upon booking.  If you are a corporation, or you require other arrangements, please email or call us to make other arrangements.
Choose either:
2a. via Paypal by clicking the button on this page  or send a payment to Please remember to add 3% to your total if you choose paypal. 
2b. via check to: Joanna Sachs, PO Box 7737, Menlo Park, CA 94026.

3. When we get your contract, we will email you within 24 hours to confirm.  If you don't hear from us within 24 hours, we didn't get it, so you need to resend it.

We need the service agreement and your payment to confirm your party.
Corporations: please email or call us if you need special payment arrangements. 

Thank you so much for your business and we are really looking forward to your special event!

Joanna's Face Painting
Cell (650) 759-1769